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Auction 32. List of categories

Lp. Name Number of lots
1Pre-stamp period44/44
2Foreign Postage on Polish territory52/52
3Polish Kingdom30/30
4WW1 occupation postage61/61
5WW1 military postage128/128
6Town postage 1914-191886/86
7Local postage 1918-191930/30
8Overprint editions 1918-1919373/373
9Inter-war Poland 1919-1939469/469
10Central Lithuania112/112
11Post offices abroad 1919-193926/26
12Plebiscites 1920-192231/31
13Government-in-Excile editions19/19
14WW2 foreign postage51/51
15WW2 military postage106/106
16General Government175/175
17Concentration camps WW260/60
18PoW Woldenberg camp471/471
19PoW Murnau camp42/42
20PoW Gross Born camp86/86
22Warsaw Uprising 194419/19
23Jewish Ghetto, judaica15/15
24WW2 PoW and internment camps152/152
25Local postage 1944-19453/3
26Communist Poland 1945-1952453/453
27Polish People's Republic 1952-1989342/342
28Polish Republic - 198963/63
29Official stamps19/19
30Postage dues88/88
32Postal stationery357/357
33Air mail97/97
34Pope John Paul II14/14
35Czesław Słania6/6
36Polonica on foreign stamps26/26
37Postcards from Polish territory220/220